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Our courses have been designed to specialize students in the chosen areas.

They are flexible courses and do not present any kind of deadline or set formalities.

The materials are available in electronic and paper format and they are sent to the students who apply for a set course.

Period reviews of the students’ progresses are made and the control over their result is made by Faculty member who specialise in the various disciplines.

School of Economics:
Business Management
Marketing and Finance
Economics and Finance
Banking and Insuring Sciences
Sales Management
Business English
International Business Law

School of Law:
International Law

School of Engineering:
Aerospace Engineering
Civil Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Computer Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Naval Engineering

School of Public Administration
and Urban Studies
Public Administration
Real Estate
City Planning

School of Humanities
Social Psychology
Behavioral Psychology
Counseling : Marriage, Family, Child
Counseling: School Credential
Counseling: Career Counseling

School of Fine Arts
Fine Arts
Interior Design

School of Health Sciences
Public Health
Environmental Health
NaturopathySchool of Arts and Letters
Political Science
Political Science and Diplomacy
Political Marketing and Communication

School of Science


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