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Leibniz University Institute of Arts and Science is a virtual learning place of global reach and spirit. As such it is open to all those who are interested in acquiring a knowledge free of the constrictions of a traditional institution. Leibniz educational approach is inspired by the classic Greek tradition of teaching liberally to all those who wanted to acquire knowledge without limitation of sex, age, previous education. In ancient times in Greece teaching took place in agorà which is to say in the main public square of a city. Students and teachers would sit down and discuss the subjects taught without any set framework. They would in turn speak and listen, argue and agree and exchange knowledge and expertise.

Socrates used to say that we all know what we need to know. Knowledge just needs to be brought to the surface and the task of the teacher is to help the student discover his unknown knowledge. The spirit of the educational programmes of this institution is very much in line with this thought although modern times require that specific knowledge be taught: Leibniz replaces the old agorà and becomes a place where people can meet, discuss, teach and learn without limitations of space or time.

Technology has indeed helped in making this dream come true. The distance learning programmes are made possible by the most modern technologies so that students located in different parts of the world can share ideas, programmes, theories and techniques. Leibniz has achieved a sort of globalisation by teaching courses to students located in different corners of the world who virtually meet at lesson times or to find new and exciting inspirations.

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