Leibniz University | Faculty & Departments

Business Experts, Academics, consultants. The faculty of this Institution is made up of people of success coming from the most different avenues of life who share a common trait: to strive for excellence at all levels and in all fields of competence.

The Departments within the Institution are varied and cover different areas of knowledge: sociology, general business and business administration, journalism, tourism, legal studies, architecture, fashion and interior design.

A special course of studies is dedicated to creative arts such as painting, sculpting, clay modelling, pottery.

The course of studies is chosen by the student without any consideration of his prior knowledge of the subject or his studies.

The mission of the Institution is to satisfy the desire of knowledge that most people possess and frequently stifle owing to the constriction of formal education.

Our institution has developed an efficient distance learning method that allows everybody to study at a pace that suits the learner and not the Institution.

Leibniz University Institute of Arts and Science
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