Leibniz University | Alumni Agorà

This association is made up of those students who are active students and those who have followed the courses offered by the Institution and have decided they wanted to belong to the association and be a part of the cultural life of the Institution regardless of the fact that they have completed their education with us.

Preferential channels are set up within the Web to allow the students to come together once a week and exchange business information and tips. Equally Alumni gather of their own free will once or twice a year for a sabbatical week end where they pick up old friendships, exchange information and generally have a good time. Venues of the meetings may change from the USA to Europe. The last meeting was held in Florida during the summer 2004 and the one before that was held in Edinburgh, UK.

One of the favourite activities of the ex alumni belonging to the Agorà is mentoring. They voluntarily decide to help, follow and sustain one young student and guide him/her through the hurdles of life not just in an academic way. This action develops very strong ties between people who keep in touch and sustain and help the other.
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